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Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Clean up update!!

A couple of updates!
The outpouring of help is inspiring. I can't thank enough folks! I really appreciate all of the volunteers who get out of bed the morning of the 9th and come out. To give thanks to the volunteers the following companies have stepped up to help!

Good Gun Foundation www.goodgun.org has donated some money to the cause as a giveaway! As well as some members coming to help. I'm excited to see responsible shooters step up.

Oakley has given some sun glasses to give away.

The Tacoma Territory, Xterra Owners Club , Copper State Cruisers, and Virtual Jeep Club have stepped up to make it an official run of theirs!

The Copper State Cruisers have stepped up with a giant grill that can cook 80 burgers at a time! YIKES thats a lot of cow. mmmm!

Some folks are bringing a rake if they can. Its not a neccessity, but it will help with the shells and glass being picked up!

The Forest Service is going to bring a couple of Roll Off Dumpsters too!

REI is donating some Clif bars for the volunteers. www.rei.com

Big thanks to Nicole at Total Chaos for donating some great DVD's for the give-away! 2008 Total Chaos Fabrication

A personal thanks to Bman at the Copper State Cruisers,
Mark at the AZ TTORA,
Scott Brady at Overland Journal, Expeditions West, www.expeditionportal.com,
Danica for helping immensely and being a great Co-driver
and especially Elvota for his skills and always being positive!
Thanks for being so supportive guys and gal!

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