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Saturday, February 7, 2009

Post Pickup

Where do I begin. It was a truly epic day. With what we thought was going to be a rainy day I hoped for a turn out similar to last year at BEST.
Instead we had twice the volunteers and three times the trash cleaned up. A preliminary count shows 500 People came and over 20 Tons of trash were picked up.

Thank you, thank you, thank you! You the volunteer are all that really matters. I love you!

You made this a truly great day. You showed folks that there are a LARGE majority of responsible outdoor enthusiasts that care.

Tim Huber


AzBrattPakk said...

Yes great turnout very impressed with the planning.Everyone at base were great.Thany You

fangars said...

I was there in one of the areas cleaned up along with several Nissan Off Road members, Arizona Xterra Owners members and a Toyota Landcruiser Club member who decided to collect trash with us Nissan folk as he could not find his own club.

I wish I had taken a little time to drive the extent of the clean up end to end. Is there a map somewhere with the clean up areas marked out on it? I would love to post it on my flickr account in several Arizona groups and on several forums along with any statistics. fangars

alyjoh said...

The weather held up beautifully, what a wonderful turnout. A big thank you to the organizer's for all there hard work, everyone was so helpful. Thank you for hosting this event. See ya next year.

Traci said...

We were up there for the first time a few months ago. And it made me almost cry at how bad things where with all the rubbish. It is such a beautiful place and for people to trash it so badly with no regard for the wildlife as well as the people who go there to enjoy such beauty, was a sock to me. If I would have known about this pick up day I would have defiantly been there. I am sorry I was not but I will make sure to keep track for the next one. Please keep up the good work and Thank you all who participated !!!

Josh & Heidi said...

We love you too Tim!! Great job to you and everyone else involved! Thats the best time I've ever had picking up trash!! ;)