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Monday, February 15, 2010

Four Peaks Pickup 2010 RESULTS!!

Well, it was an amazing year again. THANK YOU from Danica and I to all of the many volunteers that came out and the many sponsors that lent a hand in making it so successful this year.

-Just under 500 people came out to make the day a giant step forward to cleaning up our Arizona deserts.

-Almost 25 TONS of trash were cleaned up filling 4 and a half large dumpsters!!

Check out these amazing photos from Chris Marzonie HERE.

Tim Huber

We had fun from the beginning,

The middle

To the end


I'm really impressed by these people who took the time and effort to create these amazing videos!! Check them out!

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FlorioPhoto said...

Saw this on the 12 News. Much respect for starting this and to those who take part in it. I should most definitely do this next year.